Sunday, March 8, 2015

Progressive walk

                              Worked with Missy for the first time in a while..... I haven't worked much with her this past year, finding it hard to balance training and exercising two dogs especially with Piper needing so much exercise because of all her energy.Anyway today I worked with having her pass a dog in the neighbor hood behind a electric fence, let's call him Sam. Sam was laying at the top of the driveway about 3 foot maybe away. I walk at the other side of the street(two lanes) once again 6ish feet away. I would take a few steps have Missy sit look at me gave treat, rinse and repeat. I kept doing this getting closer every time until Missy was walking right beside the driveway making it 2 foot away from Sam. Missy did fantastic. She was calm, she looked at the dog calmly, looked away by herself and looked at me when asked. Sam, was great to he thankfully laid down the whole time and didn't bark. On the way back after we got of the S Trail he was closer and Missy still passed with flying colors.
                            On the trail a dog ended up behind me so I speed up to find a spot to stop where I would be far enough away.Well just my luck a small dog was spotted a head of us. I went up on a little hill. First the small dog passed up, Missy showed mild interest and was easy to get her to look at us. Next the behind dog, a Golden Retriever Missy was more interested in that the other dog, a Yorkie. Though she was still easy to get her to focus back on me after looking at the dog.
                           This was a excellent walk and I was/am so proud of Missy.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Horrible, No Good, Bad Luck

As I'm looking for training classes for Missy, my dad decides my car isn't any good. You see I get really anxious when driving so I'm still working on that and because of it I still have my learners. Now I'm saving up for a car..... Good Bye dog training class. Hello to visiting the park for personal training(as in me training Missy) using this amazing freakin site I  found.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Training Class

I'm looking into a training class for Missy thanks to acquiring a job. The place I'd like to go to is Pawsitive Practice, but it's just too much $, so I'm looking into Canine Country Academy that is more affordable. I think I'll wait two, three weeks before scheduling the Behavior consult than I'll have the money plus will have left over money still. Than when the next available class is, on a weekend day(can't do weekdays) I will sign up for it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Working on

    Right now I'm working on teaching Missy "Look at me" while walking. Thanks to the great members of DTA I now know that Missy reacts because she is excited and a tad nervous. She's like a puppy when it comes to other dogs. When she barks, pulls, spins.. it's her way of letting out all the excitement, like Piper plays tug with her leash after we walk pass another dog. Teaching her "Look at me" will allow her to focus on me instead of other dogs walking pass. I will let her see that the dog is there than have her "Look at me" Thank you so much to everyone on DogTrickAcademy for all your help. One day Missy will be a good canine citizen. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

It's been a while

So I've been negating training Missy lately, because I'm still trying to balance her and Piper. Today I took Missy and Piper on the Suwanee trail (I know I know shame on me I really shouldn't have.). Well coming back we spotted a dog so I pulled the girls to the side and the people with the dog went a little into the woods to go to the creek, I took my chance and quickly walked past them. From there they were a bit behind us, and I was a nervous wreck. Than in my hurry I look in front of me to see a lady is holding something and with me being blind as a bat I couldn't tell what she was holding so I couldn't tell what the item was until she was three foot from me. Of course being lucky me her "Item was a little maybe 12 pound dog. My Missy did AMAZING she looked at the dog and very calmly walked pass!!! CHEERS, Go Missy!!

Okay so the dog was small about 12, owner was holding her and the dog was very calm. No squiggling in the owners arms or barking. So maybe Missy's okay with small dogs being held while being calm or maybe and dog being held as long as the dog is calm. I know she is less likely to react to a calm dog, or at least not as badly as other dogs.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dogs in need of space

Please everyone share this so that people can be aware that if a yellow ribbon/bandanna or whatever is tied on a dogs leash he/she needs space.

Friday, December 6, 2013


                Took Missy on a walk and Piper. Yes, I brought Piper, it was late, and getting dark, so it was that or one of them missing out on a walk. Now to the story. There was a couple with a baby in a stoller and a dog jogging. I went to a long driveway and had Missy sit. We were about 12 feet away. Missy did not lunge or bark, she just sat there. :) Then we ran into them a second time and did the same thing, this time Missy did struggle for her head once and I gently pulled up on her gentle leader and she settled down. Oh and Piper this whole time was standing still with a loose leash. YAY.